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Among the Personal Information collected by this Application, either independently or through third parties, there are: technical Cookies and Usage data. The Personal Data can be entered voluntarily by ‘user or collected automatically when using this application. Any use of cookies – or other tracking tools – as part of this application or the owners of third party services used by this Application has the purpose of detecting the ‘User.


The Holder is the Personal Data of the Users taking all necessary security measures to prevent access, disclosure, alteration or unauthorized destruction of Personal Information. The treatment is done by means of computer and / or telematic tools, with organizational methods and logic strictly related to the purposes indicated. In addition to the Holder, in some cases, they may have access to the data categories of officers involved in the ‘organization of the site (administrative, commercial, marketing, legal, system administrators) or external parties (such as third party technical services, hosting) well appointed, if necessary, the Data Processors by the Owner. L ‘updated list of Managers may be requested from the Data Controller.


The data are processed at the operational headquarters of the Data Controller and in any other place where those involved in the treatment are located. For more information, contact the owner.


The Data are kept for the time necessary to perform the service requested by ‘User, or required by the purposes described in this document, and the’ User can always ask for the ‘interruption of treatment or deletion of data.


The data of user are collected to allow the Owner to provide their services, things like for the following purposes: Statistics and techniques.


The services contained in this section allow the Data Controller to monitor and analyze traffic data and are used to keep track of the behavior of? User.




Since the installation of cookies and other tracking systems operated by third parties through the services used within this application may not be technically controlled by the Owner, any specific reference to Cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties is to be typical. For complete information, see the privacy policy of any third party services listed in this document. Given the objective complexity of the identification of technologies based on Cookies and their very tight integration with the operation of the web, users are invited to contact the owner should he wish to receive any deepening its use of cookies yourself and any use of the same for example by third parties? made through this website.
The active cookies on this site allow the proper operation of the site without tapping into the user information, and the only third-party cookies are Google Analitycs with anonymized IP.
Google Analitycs ( – Privacy Policy )

And technical cookies for the operation of our site.


Our system or that of one of our partners may set or read cookie and / or other types of identifiers about the browser and / or device you are using. A cookie? a small text file that is stored on the computer who is viewing a website in order to record certain information about your visit as well? to create a system to recognize the user also in subsequent moments. The identifiers of the devices, however, are generated by collecting and processing information such as the IP address and / or the user agent (browser version, type and version of the operating system), or other characteristics of the device, again in order to reconnect with certain information to a specific user. A Web site can? set a cookie on your browser only if the preferences are configured to allow the latter. It ‘important to know that a browser can? allow to a certain Web site access exclusively to cookies set by it and not those set by other websites: there? no risk to your privacy to do so.


You can configure your browser to accept or reject all cookies or particular types of cookies (such as third-party cookies) or you can choose to be notified whenever a cookie is set inside of your computer. It ‘important to know that the rejection of all cookies may prevent you enjoy the products and services. All of these services, in fact, require cookies in order to function properly and, consequently, the possible blocking of cookies would make it impossible to use. Following the instructions for the web browser more? disseminated in order to make a custom configuration about cookies:


Microsoft Internet Explorer
click on “Tools” at the top of your browser window;
select “Internet Options”;
Click on the “Privacy” tab;
to activate cookies, the level of privacy must be set to “Medium” or below; setting the level of privacy over the “Middle” l? use of cookies will come? disabled.

Mozilla Firefox
click on “Tools” at the top of your browser window;
select “Options”;
select the “Privacy” icon;
click on “Cookies”;
select whether or not the items’ Accept cookies from sites “and” Accept third-party cookies “;

Google Chrome
Click the menu icon;
select “Settings”;
the bottom of the page, select “Show advanced settings”;
in the “Privacy” section, select “Content Settings”;
select whether or not the item “Block sites from setting any data.”

Apple Safari
Click the “Safari” at the top of your browser window;
select the “Preferences” option;
click on “Privacy”;
set your choice under “Cookies and website data”.