About us


The Tecnofit was founded in 1996 following the passion for the sea of ​​its founder. A long experience in sports practiced in international competitive levels (CONI silver medals at the athletic prowess) is in the Vela who in Taekwondo, combined with decades of experience in the design of special machines for the engineering industry, have made possible the design and following the production of different products, designed to solve particular needs in various fields: sports, professional and delightful.

collaborative experiences with major shipyards and architects of international renown, introduce Tecnofit in what today is the main activity, namely the production of tapestries, covers and curtains, customized, from inside and outside for boating pleasure.


The company, to date, is conducted by hand with the constant supervision of the founder and employs staff experts, and of the assistance of specific machinery of the three-dimensional graphic design for the realization of any product ‘custom’ with ‘standard’ production high level.